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Kablam is, and will always be a social news site on gaming, so we actively encourage all gamers to participate and write about the games they play, new DLC, news & events!

Unfortunately we can't pay writers at the moment, but hope one day to be in a position to! so for now all we can offer is exposure on the website and the ability to use Kablam as a reference point for people wanting to kick start their resume in the world of journalism. We are also more than happy to provide phone references on job interviews to writers who have posted multiple articles to the site! (or via LinkedIn).

We also offer awesome article generation tools and soon podcasting, graphics and video manipulation, management and play-out tools all through the site. for free! - via our upcoming Kablam studio suite.

Editorial support & localization

All articles go through editorial reviews and we aim to alter as little as possible, and either just make changes to the flow or make the tone more in line with the website (mild humor). We can even provide feedback on your writing (if you want) including styling, tone and articulation suggestions!
We're also well aware that the English language is a varied and well-used beast with different localizations (US, UK, Canada, Australia) - we currently don't make changes based on this, but are considering for the future adding software to automatically adjust spelling based on the readers locale (identified by their browser settings/IP address). As always, we would consult our writers before making any sweeping changes. It is worth noting that Kablam is based in the USA

Sounds good?

We're glad you think so! You can get started by creating an account (click here), confirm your email account and jump into the writer tool (on the drop down menu on the right, or again click here), get writing and click the 'publish' button! That will add your masterpiece to our review system and get your article on the site!

If you wish to post as a guest or as a one-timer we also have no problem with this and have accomodated writers with this request in the past (in fact you don't even need to tell us). Again just signup and write your article!

If you are a game developer (from a one man band through to enterprise), you can make articles specific to your game on the provision you're enrolled in our developer program

To avoid rejection at editorial review for any other commercial posts, please contact us first to discuss. Please note that we do not allow creating articles that are either spammy or link to a link farm.

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