Protecting that which matters most - you.

Gamerscore is a system built into the core of Kablam to identify good & bad users on within our ecosystem.

The large majority of our users will probably never come into contact with this system or be aware it even exists!

everyone has a score and everyone is accountable for their actions. By default, new users get a score of 49 which boosts to 100 once they have confirmed their email address. Users with scores over 50 are able to participate in the site normally (post comments, create articles, maintain their profile), as your score decreases, features get disabled until behavior improves.

My current gamerscore:

Please login to Kablam by clicking here to see your gamerscore.

What can lower my gamerscore?

A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn't want to be the recipient of a comment or post, then don't post it yourself!

What about the good guys?

Don't worry, we've not forgotten about you! Good sports who participate actively, create posts get rewarded to! As the site grows, so does the responsibility and we have active community positions, reviews, and events that we would like you to be a part of. Good players are also identified on their profile with icons representing so!

Can anyone see my gamerscore?

At present, no. We don't have any plans to display this information either, and if we did it would be generic ('good player'.etc), but the system isn't to name or shame, its to protect users on the site from unwanted attention and harassment.

My gamerscore went down, can it go up?

Yes, the system is elastic, if you improve your behavior on the site, your gamerscore will increase, the system is 'live' (realtime) so as well as being autonomus, Kablam staff can modify your score on-the-fly without requiring you to log out.etc

Can i appeal gamerscore changes? will I be notified?

Yes to both. You'll receive an in-site notification and email notifying you of a gamerscore change. The email will detail how to appeal the ruling. At the end of the appeal process, Kablam staff at their discretion may restore your original score or maintain the judgement. The responses to these rulings are final.

Can a lower gamerscore lead to a ban?

Yes, in extreme circumstances or continued bad behavior, a user can be banned. This may be temporary or permenent depending on a case by case basis.