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We are also strong advocates of your right to privacy. For peace of mind, we've put our privacy commitment, social activity policies and other important information on the tabs below. As with most websites, our privacy policy and terms are on the footer of every webpage.

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Please note our full privacy policy is located here

Not everyone is a lawyer but everyone has a right to protect their right to privacy online. This is something we @Kablam feel strongly about and as such have set our privacy policy out as clearly as possible to outline exactly what we collect, why and what we do with it. It's the literal least we can do as no site would be succesful without it's viewers and members. You.

We do

  • Run adverts on this website. The adverts are served by Google. Google may place tracking cookies on your computer, ensure your browser is set to do-not-track to limit ad tracking across the internet.
  • Do everything in our power to protect your data as best we can,
    We've spent a huge amount of time, resources, money and effort in doing this - in fact we wrote the content management system this site runs on from the ground up soley because we wern't comfortable with the security aspects written into off-the-shelf web publishing tools. Rest assured this is an absolutely massive undertaking requiring a significant amount of coding, testing and deployment resources.
  • Actively monitor what goes on with the servers. What data goes in against what data goes out, if we don't like it, we put a stop to it. quickly.
  • Encrypt any and all sensitive data within our databases.
    Pretty much a given but you'd be amazed by how lax some web sites are with this (and some don't do it at all). We use a variety of methods and encryption algorithms to achive this. All of them are DoD rated and all of the heavy lifting is industry standard. We build around it and tweak what we need.
  • Actively maintain code, systems infrastructure and databases
    Again, sadly not all websites do this but we have active update and progression policies in place for this and work with trusted third parties to 'proof check' anything critical.
  • Allow you to view information we have about your account with us (almost all of it is accessible within your account settings - anything beyond this can be requested through a support ticket), and we do have free to use facilities to fully delete your profile from our servers.

We don't

  • Share our database with anyone. ever.
  • Collect anything past whats required to maintain & protect your account or you choose to share.
  • Have the ability to decrypt your password. Thats your business, not ours and we don't need it.

Now that that part is done, a little transparency on our operations:

Our servers are hosted in: The U.S and the U.K. Both of these nations have strong laws governing privacy of which we respect and adhere to. We have no plans to change this arrangement.
We are based in: New York City, New York, U.S

We do use sessions/ cookies - it would be impossible to run a website of this scale without using this technology. They are non-persistent (they expire after a certain time), encrypted and contain minimal information.

We record your email address, your real name (if you choose to share it with us), your password, the date you signed up to us, the date you last used the account and your I.P address. this address is the unique number your internet service provider has allocated you to connect to the internet. We record the address used to signup and the address last used to access the account. We do this to help protect your account from unauthorized access (for example if you signed up in Canada and logged in from Asia we are probably going to want to double check its you). Any and all other data is generated on the website by you.

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Please note our full Terms of Use are accessible here

Cyber bullying is not tolerated at Kablam
Kablam is first and foremost a news website about what we love. Games. We do heavily encourage and have built social tools to allow our users to socially engage with one another, pass views, comments and reviews on games they play but do not allow the Kablam platform to be a system to propagate hate, bullying, lawless activity or copyright infringement.

We do

  • Proactively monitor the site and content coming in from our user base,
  • Take action on posts that breach our terms of use and/ or other policies (and by proxy U.S law)
  • Take action on users who breach or continually breach our terms. This includes but is not limited to restrictions on access to features of the site, account suspensions (temporary and permanent),
  • Implement mechanisms for users to report abuse (either directed to themselves or others),
  • Implement mechanisms for users to report infringing material on the website,
  • Implement mechanisms for copyright owners to report infringing material on the website,
  • develop initiatives to keep the Kablam platform a healthy & safe ecosystem. Initiatives include the 'account meter' where users can check on their standing with Kablam and their peers.
  • Pledge to deal with each and every abuse report on a timely basis (within 24 hours). Kablam reserves the right to not divulge the outcome on individual cases to the original reporter.

We don't

  • Allow users to upload files outside of our accepted MIME (file types) such as images.
  • Allow users to post videos from non-verifed video/ audio sites
  • Allow minors under the age of 13 to signup
  • Tolerate Spam, and have taken steps to block bots and known spammers from account registration
  • Tolerate Racist, homophobic or extremist views.