We've consolidated a ton of minor updates into one larger one!

  • [DEV] Notifications
    We've now added an extra dialog to enable end users to choose what (if any) email notifications they recieve from Kablam on certain actions (following, mentions, comment replies.etc). This is something we've wanted to add for a while, but had to push back down the development queue as other fixes/patches took priority.
  • [DEV] Timezones
    Users can now select the timezone they are in to get date and timestamps relative to their region.
  • [UI] User settings
    Tabs in the user settings area now feature icons, in line with other tool areas of the site.
  • [UI] Scroll-to-top
    In large news articles, a 'scroll to top' button will appear on the right hand side of the page to enable a user to quickly jump back to the top of the page.
  • [DEV] Gamer dictionary
    has been taken out of BETA, and now operates as a standard app within the site. A minor fix has been made to the user settings to fix a hyperlink issue.
  • [DEV] Code optimizations have been made to the social features of the site to increase performance and reduce query loads to the database servers.
  • [DEV] A security enhancement has been added to Messages in preparation for a text upgrade.
  • [UI] Writer
    The writer now displays user written articles with newest on top, to access unpublished articles faster.
  • [UI] Favicon
    Kablam's Favicon has been udpated to offer a higher resolution logo with transparency layers.

Published September 27, 2016
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