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Rockstar has announced this as being the *largest* DLC to drop into the game, are they right? at this point I'd say no - but it does bring some very GTA-esque features into, well GTA.

For better article flow, I've split this story into sections based on the new content -

New Content

Office Garages

*Note - You must already own a CEO office before you can purchase this feature*

These start at: $1.5M Order via: Dynasty 8 Office services on your iFruit phone.

CEO garages are now available to add to your office building. You can buy them in blocks of 20 spaces up to a maximum of 60 car spaces, which up till now was the maximum spaces you could have in all of your 6 garages combined. Each 'garage' comes as 3 floors with views over Los Santos from your buildings views. There is a non-usable vehicle lift in the middle (used for animations entering/leaving), to move the cars accross each floor, with a stairwell to run up/down to get and/or view your cars. There is a little lounge area with 2 couches and a 3 story tall light fixture (mounted from the roof) that comes down. This is kinda similar to what's in the stilt houses around the stair case down.

Each garage is accessible from the office/auto shop/other CEO garage elevator, and displays identically when you call up your mechanic. Be prepared to do alot of scrolling if you are using all 3 garages with 60 cars, so it might be worth having an emergency car in one of your old (now presumably empty) garages for if you need to GTFO of an area quickly, and don't want to use the CEO vehicle option from the interactive menu.

Customization options

  • Just like in the CEO offices, you can choose the wall/floor decor. There are 4 options to choose from that range from free to around $600,000 extra expense. You cannot preview the decor within the garage like you can with the offices.
  • You can choose one of several light fixtures to hang down the 3 floors to your mini-reception/couch area. These also range from free to $150,000.
  • You can choose the styling of your floor numbers. Like any parking garage, the floors are labelled. There are six options for this that range from sprayed stencilling onto the wall to executive-style marble engraved signs that are wall-mounted. Again these extend from free to about $500,000.

Office Auto Shops

*Note - You must already own a CEO office and at least one garage before you can purchase this feature*

These start at: (about) $800,000 Order via: Dynasty 8 Office services on your iFruit phone.

This is a neat feature to any car officionado. Basically the auto shop encompasses an entire floor of your office tower. You can fully move around this area at your leisure, which comes complete with customizable 'glossy' tiled floor, (non-customizable) risen lounge (that looks down over the shop, comes complete with two couches, a usable TV, bong and coffee table. There is also a female NPC in the room holding a tablet - but is not interactable (presumably she springs into life when you bring a car up). She is also not on your contacts list on your ifruit phone.

Customizable options

  • For the shop, the only customizable option is the tiled floor, which has 9 varients to choose from. These varients do however cater for all different tastes - ranging from art-deco stylings, simple gray through to head-trippy multi-colored tiles, murals of Los Santos/The Ocean/Sharks and even a whole ton of money. As this is the dominating feature of the room, the tile prices price up considerably, so make sure you 100% are happy with your choice before you order (no refunds!). Like the CEO garage, there is no option to preview different styles.

Vehicle Warehouses

*Note - You must already own a CEO office in order to purchase this feature*

These range from: $1.5M-$3.5M Order via: Your office's SecuroServ computer.

The vehicle warehouses are almost identical from the outside to the previous 'CEO' Further advances into finance and felony DLC for stock storage. Inside, they are totally different however. All the warehouses are located within Los Santos only and can be found as far south as the ports/LSIA through to northern Vinewood. For ease of getting vechicles in/out I recommend getting a warehouse somewhere towards the middle of Los Santos rather than the airport. Obviously, with location being everything - the price you pay is heavily dependent on where the warehouse is. Want good transport links? expect to pay more. Aside from that there is no difference in interior or capacity.

All vehicle warehouses can store up to 40 stolen cars, there is a sub-terranean basement that allows you to store a further 8 cars purchases from Warstock cache-and-carry that are specific to the new DLC (i'll cover this later). Back at the top level, you have various equipment for working on a car, an office (complete with sleeping area, clothes rack, vending machine, couch and SecuroServ computer) for your management stuff, and finally a fully stocked auto shop you can only use with stolen cars.

Customizable options

  • You have 3 styles of warehouse to choose from, Basic, Street and Branded. This is actually the cheapest option set in the DLC with only a max of about $300,000 to spend on the top setting. Basic leaves your warehouse 'as is', Street adds some Grafitti and Branded puts in product placement for car brands and a bit of paint on the walls to fix the joint up. You can change the options at any time via your CEO computer back in your office.

Vehicle Missions

Collecting/starting missions

From your CEO office's computer, you can 'acquire' a car mission the same as your crate missions. Just select 'vehicles' from the new options menu that appears. You'll then get a text message with the license plate, model and price range of the car and then a call from your assistant on what type of mission you have to collect said car. These scale in difficulty on how much the car is worth but all are easily soloable. So far the mission types I've had include:

  • Stealing a car from a movie set (heavily armed security),
  • Stealing a car from a music video set (less heavily armed but still security),
  • Stealing a car thats already stolen and in a police chase (get an instant 3 star want level),
  • Stealing a car thats 'somewhere' in San Andreas with just a photo of its last known location (get a 3 star want level after picking it up),
  • Stealing a car thats in the middle of a race.
  • Stealing a car thats been pulled over by the cops,
  • Stealing a car in a crime scene.

Once you've collected the car, you'll get about 3 seconds before all other players in the lot are notified. They can opt to blow your car up (causing a mission failure), or steal it and store it in their own vehicle warehouse. This is a new twist in the game mechanic that I feel will make the missions similar to the package drop-off/hot property events.

Certain missions also result in you being chased by assasins as well as police (or just assasins) that come in vans and helicopter. They shoot accurately and ofcourse add damage cost to your car. Annoying.

Vehicle damage

There is a damage count (similar to the one on Criminal damage) that lists how much GTA$ it will cost to repair the vehicle if you make it back to your warehouse. As expected, the cars are fragile, damage easily and without being careful can get expensive quickly. Be aware that other players or even NPC damage also counts on this. Damage is instantly repaired and charged to you at the end of the collection mission.

Vehicle selling or 'exporting'

You can only sell or 'export' the same number of vehicles each attempt as you have people in your organization (i.e, if you have a single bodyguard you can only sell two vehicles at once). You can get extra cash by stumping up an extra $GTA (so far the most I've been charged is GTA$20,000) by customizing the car. This is significant though, by spending the extra cash you can actually get an extra GTA$50,000 as a reward.

You can also sell by collection. This is where you acquire a set list of cars for a single buyer. You can earn up to an extra GTA$100,000 by completing these sets. As the cars are randomly 'assigned' in misisons, it can take a while to get the cars on the list - which do change slightly (not significantly) in different lobbies.


So you've stolen, altered a car and are now ready to make some cash. So how do you do it? Deliver it to a location of course! So far all of the delivery missions I've done so far are within 3 miles of the warehouse (so within Los Santos), *but* come with a damage meter. The more damage you do during delivery - the less you make. Now be aware other players can be out to get you *as well as* NPC's. I've done missions where it's a straight delivery, I've also done ones that have kill teams that shoot at you in multiple vans - so be prepared.

SecuroServe CEO Missions

There are a *ton* of extra CEO events that can be played in the lobby (like Piracy Prevention, Head hunter.etc), as well as a new 'instanced' (non-lobby) events thats unlock as you do car deliveries. The earliest of these kick off after two successful car exports.

Warstock Cache-and-carry

Unlocking and successfully completing these missions as a CEO entitle you to hefty discounts on the new DLC vehicles sold on Warstock. These are a mix of Mad-Max and Fast 6 style vehicles. Unfortunately helping as a bodyguard do *not* unlock these prices for you when you do your own CEO events.

Published December 14, 2016
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