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Giantbomb reported earlier this week that Sony are revamping the Playstation 4 in preparation for 4K (UHD) and VR, but have also locked in the hardware specs they will use on the new console. Codenamed 'Neo' ('Morpheus' is the codename for Playstation VR), the console will feature hardware which has specficications around 2.25 times more powerful than the current PS4 (an AMD based system), along with a 500mhz increase to the systems CPU's (main processor) clock speed and an additiona 42 GB/s increase in memory bandwidth.

According to the original article, developers have been informed of a requirement to ship titles from this October onward with "base mode" specifications compatible with the existing PS4 architecture and a "NEO mode" for the updated hardware. Games running in Neo mode will be able to utilize the the upgraded hardware to deliver greater visual fidelity, though it is unlikely that games will have enough juice to real-time render graphics to a true 4K resolution.

Giant Bomb also mentioned that the existing PS4 and 'Neo' consoles will coexist, fully cross-compatible for software, the PSN (for multiplayer) and will run with the same GUI (user interface). So developers can rest easy that only marginally more code will be required to access the new hardware rather than have to port a title specifically for this. This is also a smart move for Sony, by making life easier for the developers means a higher adoption rate for game compatability, thus more console sales. Bravo.

Not to be outdone by Sony in the ever ongoing console war, Xbox head Phil Spencer suggested that the Xbox One may get a hardware refresh during an event back in February.

Published April 22, 2016
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