The Jester's Festival is here!

Or as I like to call it, The Jestival. This event is great and I love the Jester Questers, Jester King Jorunn, Jester Queen Ayrenn, and Jester King Emeric. Their character writing is hilarious and they have some golden lines, or would that be fool's-gold of lines, that they have?

        Jester King Jorunn              Jester Queen Ayrenn               Jester King Emeric

At first, I was a bit weary that there were the same 3 repeatable quests everyday. After having done this Jestival for a few days, I find them short and sweet. I still feel like the quests can be over briefly, but if you need something to occupy your time on ESO, this is a good event for you. They are a lot of fun too, especially when reading what the Jester Questers are saying, rather than just skipping through.

Once you have completed all 3 quests, you earn the first title of The Lady/Lord of Misrule and you get the Crown of Misrule as a Hat to wear on your character.

What is involved?

Before you begin your Jester's Festival, click onto the Crown Store to pick up your Jester's Festival Invitation Scroll! As mentioned, there are 3 quests to complete, with each of the Jester Questers giving you a different one. Jester King Jorunn gives A Noble Quest, Jester Queen Ayrenn gives Springtime Flair and Jester King Emeric gives Royal Revelry.

The items from the Jester's Festival Box for the event are as follows:
Runebox: Cherry Blossom Branch
Recipe: Jewels of Misrule
Recipe: Dubious Camoran Throne
Recipe: Candied Jester's Coins
Recipe: Princess' Delight
Consumable: Cherry Blossom Twig
Consumable: Spiral Dazzler
Consumable: Plume Dazzler
Consumable: Spiral Hat Dazzler
Furniture: Jester's Festival Standard Banner

There is also the Pie of Misrule, collected during the event. This item is a Memento and when consumed, gives you 100% XP from all sources for 2 hours. I am glad this XP boost has gone back to a Memento, just like in the Witches's Festival. I found it long-winded to keep going back to Breda's tent every 2 hours, if I ever remembered, during the New Life Fesitival. A great time to reach CP 600 or level up a new character.

Do not miss out on visiting Heralda Garscroft in Elden Root, Grahtwood. She is a furniture achievement vendor for The Jester's Festival Event and only sells two purple items. One Tree, Jester's Large at 15,000 gold and one Tree, Jester's Small at 5,000 gold. You will need to have the Royal Jester achievement to purchase these items.

I was slightly disappointed that there were no motifs, as I was looking forward to making a Jester set of armour. How fun that would be! The outfit which ESO have had a character wearing when advertising (bottom left picture in article) the event looks awesome, but you cannot seem to get it in the game either.

Eats-Many-Cakes decided to try this delightful event for herself. You can see how she did in the following videos below.

A Noble Quest

Springtime Flair

Royal Reverly

Once the quests were done and dusted, I turned my eye to the Crown Store. There is the Jester Personality and the Jester's Festival Hat Pack.  The Jester Personality certainly has put a spring in my characters steps! It is so funny to watch Eats-Many-Cakes bounce as she walks and runs across Tamriel. The Jester's Hats are just as fun to wear, and Eats-Many-Cakes does look a little mad, yet fun, in her overall outfit.

The Jester Personality is 1,000 Crowns
The Jester's Festival Hat Pack is 700 Crowns and you get all 3 which are shown.
Once bought, these items are unlocked for all your characters to use, so only need to buy them the once.

Jester's Festival Crown Store Items

I even got Rhea in on the goodies, as I discovered that the costumes, once they are dyed from the Holiday Dye Stamps, do not dye across all character accounts. With this in mind, I looked at the Holiday Dye Stamps associated with the Jester's Festival to see if any would suit Rhea in her Royal Jester outfit, which I teamed up with the Bi-Colour Coxcomb Cap. She now bears a colourful resemblance to Jester Queen Ayrenn! Must go out and decree happiness across Tamriel!

The Holiday Dye Stamp is 200 Crowns and is a one time, bind-on-pick up item, so make sure you are wearing the costume and hat which you would like to dye.

Jester's Festival related Holiday Dye Stamps

As always with these ESO Events, there are a set of achievements that come with. I managed to complete them with Eats-Many-Cakes very quickly. I believe I had luck, more than any skill, when it came to the achievement Princess Rescuer. All I remember doing, was once I collected the Princess from the pen, I ran towards the left and hopped onto my mount, to sprint as fast as I could from The Butcher. I even went for a little swim at one point in my mad rush! I am not sure I will be able to complete with Rhea, unless I try to sneak my way through the whole 'rescue'. Rhea's Mount is not at full speed and even when I tried with a Sip of Speed potion, The Butcher kept catching me as I passed the inn. Certainly gives a new idea to 'bringing home the bacon'!

Eats-Many-Cakes and Rhea were both lucky with the Jester's Festival Boxes in the first couple of days, so I managed to get the second title which comes with the completion of all the Jester's Festival Holiday Event, Royal Jester, for Eats-Many-Cakes. Rhea currently has The Lady of Misrule, for completing the 3 different Jester's Festival Quest.

When does the Jester's Festival Event end?

The Jester's Festival Event, and all related Crown Store items, are leaving Tamriel on Tuesday April 4th 2017.
As always, show us your pictures in the comments below! Tweet @gokablam too and enjoy this Jester's Festival!

Published March 27, 2017
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