I always like a good sale

The way the signs are all dressed up, tempting me in with their seductive offers, saying I will not get as good a price anywhere else... Until I get buyers remorse and realise I have spent so muh money on rubbish because of the 'investment' ideas I get. You have got to love the euphoria of getting something new though, right?

But do I need everything in this Black Fredas Special?

Yes. I mean, let us break down the items and think through this logically, *hiding my purse and tightening the strings*.

The main thing that stands out to me, is the new and limited edition mount, the Zeht's Cloud Camel Mount. I know there is an original Camel Mount in the Crown Store, the Hammerfel Camel at 1,800 Crowns. Looking between the two pictures online of the Camels, the only difference I can see is the colourings. The Zeht's Cloud Camel Mount looks exactly the same as the Hammerfel Camel Mount, but lighter in Camel colour and lighter in the saddle colour. Seeing as I yet to have a Camel Mount in the game, I see this as a bonus, as I will not feel like I am spending my crowns on an almost duplicate copy of an item I already have.

In my search, I have seen that there was a Black Camel of Ill Omen as a limited edition offer many months ago, how in Tamriel did I miss that? It has a different patterned saddle too.

Then there are two items which makes senisble and logical sense (totally not convincing myself to purchase, haha), considering Zenimax's main selling point for this bundle, I imagine, would be the Zeht's Cloud Camel Mount.

  • 10 Crown Riding Capacity Riding Lessons - Having the Capacity grants 1 slot in your inventory, so if you need the extra room for hording without the Craft Bag - an ESO Plus only feature, or to carry all your 5-finger-discounted items to the fence, then this is useful to have, and you get 10.
  • 10 Crown Riding  Speed Lessons - Speed grants 1 point to quickness whilst on your mount and it is great to race other users to harvest resources, run away from large groups of enemies, or just to explore the beautiful Tamriel itself.

It is a shame they did not try for the triple and include 10 Crown Riding Stamina Lessons, I feel this may have been more useful than some of the other items I will mention later, but that is my personal opinion, based on what Eats-Many-Cakes can do.

The next most interesting item for me, are the Crown Experience Scrolls. The Black Fredas Special will save me some Crowns, as I was looking to invest in some of these and I greatly appreciate Zenimax including these in several of the offers that I have recently bought. The Crown Scrolls are currently having their own discount, so if this Black Fredas Special does not appeal to you, there is always the option to buy the Crown Experience Scroll x5 pack seperately in the Crown Store for 750 Crowns, rather than the usual 1,000 Crowns.

There are 4 other items in this Black Fredas Sale which I am not fussed on, but are a nice added bonus are:

  • 160 Crown Lethal Poisons -  I do not use the poisons, I end up selling them to the in-game vendors. I have yet to do the Dark Brotherhood storyline, reckon they might be useful then. Lethal Poisons are applied to the poison slots of your weapons and grants immediate damage and damage done over time.
  • 10 Crown Fortifying Meals - As Eats-Many-Cakes is maxed out in her provisioning, these will just be bonus extras
  • 50 Crown Tri-Restoration Potions - Again, Eats-Many-Cakes is maxed out in Alchemy, so bonus extras
  • 20 Crown Soul Gems - I feel they are easy to find throughout the game, from enemies, treasure chests and completing the Alchemy Daily Writs

Some Final Offers

The goold ol' folks over at Zenimax are really trying to pull all the stops out for this Black Friday sale. There is an offer to purchase The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition and The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, across all platforms, along with discounts on all the ESO Crown Packs. I love the Crown Packs! I like to have a good stock of Crowns in my account, ready for events like these! 

There is also a Starter Pack offer which contains the following, and their original Crown Store price next to it:

  • Piebald Destrier Mount - 900 Crowns
  • Windhelm Wolfhound Pet - Does not appear to be in Crown Store
  • 80 Crown Lethal Poisons - 200 Crowns
  • 10 Crown Tri-Restoration Potions - 200 Crowns
  • 2 Crown Repair Kits - Sold in packs of 10 for 400 Crowns
  • 2 Crown Soul Gems - Sold in packs of 10 for 400 Crowns
  • 1 Crown Fortifying Meal - Sold in packs of 10 for 400 Crowns
  • 1 Crown Experience Scroll - 300 Crowns

More potions, more poisons and a pet! I have a horse, but I do not have the Piebald Destrier Mount or the Windhelm Wolfhound Pet. There are repeats of other items from the Black Fredas Special with the addition of 2 Crown Repair Kits, but you make a saving on the Piebald Destrier Mount on its own.


If you have made it this far through my article, well done! Eats-Many-Cakes and I are surprised you are still awake. If you hold out a little longer, here is a recap of what you will be recieving upon purchase of the Black Fredas Special and end of deal dates, plus some pricing information!

The Black Fredas Special contains the following, with their original Crown Store pricing next to it:

  • Zeht's Cloud Camel Mount - Not in the Crown Store
  • 10 Crown Speed Riding Lessons - 1,000 Crowns
  • 10 Crown Riding Capacity Riding Lessons - 1,000 Crowns
  • 160 Crown Lethal Poisons - Sold as a pack of 80 for 200 Crowns
  • 10 Crown Fortifying Meals - 400 Crowns
  • 10 Crown Experience Scrolls - Currently on sale in packs of 5 for 750 Crowns (normally 1,000 Crowns), or indiviually in a non-sale of 300 Crowns
  • 50 Crown Tri-Restoration Potions - Sold in packs of 10 for 400 Crowns
  • 20 Crown Soul Gems - Sold in packs of 10 for 400 Crowns

As shown in the Black Fredas Special picture at the beginning of the article, Zenimax are selling this bundle worth 9,100 Crowns, for only 1,900 Crowns!

The ending date for the Black Fredas Special, Crown Experience Scrolls Pack x5, The Starter Pack and the purchase of Gold Edition, One Tamriel and ESO Crown Packs, all expire on Monday November 28 at 10:00am EST. So if you fancy spending some Crowns, these are some good limited time offers.

Did I buy Anything?

Of course Chocney did. She even has a picture (or a lot more, I loose count), of me on the Camel. Dropped her Crowns on the floor trying to get them out of her purse too, with the silly excitement she displayed. Look at how smug that Camel looks - Eats-Many-Cakes


I do feel the Black Fredas Sale Bundle would be a very good purchase for someone who has recenlty started the game and is looking for an extra hand in the beginning. As you progress with your Vestige (the character you play), you will grow stronger and learn how to craft certain items and collect others from the Black Fredas Special list itself. For me, as I do not own a Camel Mount and was looking into purchasing Crown Experience Scrolls anyways, this deal is already saving me some Crowns.

Write in the comments below of what you think of this offer and if you got it, show us your Camel! As always, you can show off your new Crown purchases on the @GoKablam twitter feed, or even on my own @Chocney

Published November 23, 2016
Filed under elder scrolls
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