Traitors of Salem

Early access (BETA) to the sequel to the wildly popular indie game 'Town of Salem' becomes available 4/22/22 on steam

Created by Blank Media Games, Traitors of Salem gets a much needed upgrade to the original game engine, moving away from a text/point & click game style and animated movements to a more immersive world where players can freely move around the maps in a way similar to another popular game in the genre - Amongus. Unlike Amongus however, Blank Media have teased that NPC's will be available to offer quests within the world in addition to the core mechanic of finding the evil players within the town and solving murders.

Blank Media have also teased some new roles on their website in addition to, what will be most likely the popular games in the current Town of Salem game, albeit more enhanced. It's unclear if quests and stories will transition with the player or will only work/be available within a certain lobby, mode or season.

Check out the sneak peak trailer below!

Quoting from Blank Media Games

The Town of Salem was in a conflict that lasted nearly a decade in which countless souls were lost. The innocents of the Town banded together and banished the Necronomicon. The power the book held over the minds of the townsfolk was erased.

An era of uneasy peace began. But, the darkness could not be sealed forever. Once again, dark magic threatens to send Salem into chaos.

Play with up to 15 players online and use your wits and abilities to find the Traitors who are possessed and hold trials to decide their fate. Or, as a Traitor, unleash your inner evil onto innocents.

Getting early access

Players who already have an active account on Town of Salem can register through the 'home page' of the game, or otherwise you can request it via steam on 4/22.

Published March 30, 2022
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