Say hello to Kablam!

Kablam is a brand new site thats somewhere between 'social media' and news. Social News.

We actively write stuff internally here but also actively encourage our readers (you) to not only get involved in the party with comments and user participation but also write for us!

If you're a gamer and unlocked a cool achievement, beat a boss after 14 hours, found a glitch or just found a game you really enjoy - post about it here and get it online to the masses

We provide the stage and you get the credit!

The site also has some cool features like being able to load in YouTube videos and pretty soon Twitch streams and you can also do obligatory #Hashtags and call out users by just adding a @ - i'll start with my own account @drew.

Kablam is also proud to have been developed 100% within the beautiful city of NYC and as such, each major release is being named after one of the five Boroughs (minor will be areas inside each Borough). So we are kicking it off by calling the first (launch) release 1.0  - Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights).

Also, in homage to co-founder @andie, here is an obligatory pic of a Panda.


Published November 4, 2015
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