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We've been hard at work behind the scenes at Kablam developing areas of the site. Most work goes on in the background, only acknowledged in our site blog (otherwise known as a change log), but this is quite a neat tool that i'm really excited to announce - The Gamer Dictionary.

Pretty much doing exactly what it says, this is a community driven program to build an all-encompasing, searchable system listing slang, acronyms and terminology accross the broad spectrum of gaming and game development. This transends decades, genres and yes - even consoles.

Thats right - its community driven, Whilst we have added a ton of terms, we are also inviting you to help us grow the system to be a real asset to gamers.

So is this like an urban dictionary for gaming?



Because acronyms/slang is constantly evolving, you can be a seasoned gamer and still end up googling what someone is saying - or be new to a game and be overwhelmed by the terminology (like on World of Warcraft), but not want to appear a total n00b.

But stuff like this has been done before...

Yes & no, Whilst there are various lists and HTML pages out there that do this, none provided the in-depth tools and dynamism that are purely dedicated the gaming. We've created this so terms can be permenantly linked to, searched - and even added to. Terminology changes over time, so there is a need for something to cater for that, and Kablam's Gamer dictionary does just this.

So I can add terms to this database? or add a definition if one is up that I don't like or doesn't fit?


How do I add a term?

Anyone with an account on Kablam can start defining terms, just login and visit /me/dictionary and you can literally submit a term in under a minute!

How many terms are already defined?

The term count at launch (8/24/16) is at around 400, some of these may be acronym duplicates (like AOE being defined as Age of Empires as well as Area of effect).

Will Kablam staff continue to add terms?


Published August 24, 2016
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