Fault resolution updates

Kablam Devops have been working hard to resolve some issues with access to XBOX live and Twitch.TV integration -

  • [DEV] A series of hotfixes and a major rewrite of the app.twitch and app.xbox applications have been rolled out to resolve major issues to our integration platform with both services.
  • [TWITCH] due to changes to Twitch's Kraken API, app.Twitch was no longer able to correctly pair/unpair or re-broadcast user streams resulting in Twitch stream errors and metadata (stream stats) errors appearing all over Kablam. Working with employees of Twitch we've rewritten the vast bulk of our integration app to restore full functionality which went live last Thursday (11/24/16). A further hotfix was applied on Friday morning to resolve a few minor metadata and broadcast detection bugs.
    The 'new' app.twitch is considered stable and operating normally.
  • [XBOX] The XBox live integration has also had a few changes, which mean that users on an XBox One console may not get live stats appear on Kablam and/or may recieve an error about privacy settings. Users with a 360 console remain unaffected, and will recieve real-time updates on what they are playing, XBL gamerscores and achievement reports.
    An updated app.xbox app will be shortly deployed onto Kablam in the upcoming week that will allow users of the XBox one console to syncronize their data to Kablam. At this time, we will be asking users to select which console to pair, with the process to become automated in early December. In late 2017, we will make a decision on if we continue to support 360 stats, or drop support to focus on the XBox one and future/other console developments.

If by Wednesday (12/3/16) You are still seeing privacy and/or error notifications to your XBox integration, please contact @kablam via the messaging service to create a support ticket to resolve integration issues.

Published November 26, 2016
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