Introducing release 1.4.1

Minor changes have been made to the site in the past week -

  • [DEV] Articles now feature a estimated read time at the bottom of the article, and in the news listings on both the home page & their respective category pages. Calculations are based on the average word reading time (250 WPM) against the amount of words in a document. This feature is automatic, so covers older articles & authors do not need to make any changes.
  • [SEC] We discovered and fixed a security issue with the search engine in the messages service - which is still in BETA. During an internal audit, it was discovered that it was possible for another user to view the subject and sender of another users message, however reading the message content was impossible. We took the search engine offline, made fixes and tested it within our staging environment before applying the fix. After testing the engine again on the live environment, we've put it back online for users as of 5/14.
  • [ENG] The user redirection service failed early last week throwing up a mixture of Apache 404, 403 and 500 messages. The root cause was determined to be down to some infrastructure alterations, making the scripts unable to do their jobs correctly. We remedied this by re-writing the code directly on the live environment. Although testing took place, it is unknown why the scripts suddenly crashed. Minor server reconfigurations were also required causing SSL errors to also appear causing a temporary cease of the HTTPS service. Once the SSL issues were resolved, and the cache on both our servers and cloudflare's were cleared - HTTPS was restored.
  • [UI] The About us & Contact us pages have been re-designed with statistics and more information.

This week -

  • Development focuses on preparing a new service to go public on the website for content creators. More information will be published in due course!

Published May 14, 2016
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