Introducing release 1.5.1

  • [DEV] We are happy to announce official support for video embedded from Vimeo This works the same as with YouTube, just paste the video's url into a wall note or article and Kablam will automatically convert it into playable video! - Note, we don't support this feature in comments (same as YouTube).
  • [DEV] We've made some tweaks under the hood at optimizing various aspects of the news and video sections of this site.
  • [DEV] Videos now display the TRT (Total Run Time) as metadata on video listings and at the bottom of the video in the /video section of the site. This data is acquired automatically from Videos added to the site, so authors don't have to change their workflows when adding media.

In process -

In future upcoming releases we are working on the following:

- Adding videos to the front page of (We just have to make some adjustments to the data base structure, undergoing testing).
- Adding a support section to the website. This is a fairly large amount of coding and work and we are roughly 90% done with the code and now adding how-to guides.
- Adding abuse report capabilities to the messages service.
- Adding the ability to message users via their profile page (as long as they meet the message requirements).

Bug fixing -

- We are investigating an issue where larger articles can return a 403 (access denied) error when saving work, resulting in data getting erased. We can confirm this error exists and will be applying a hot fix as soon as we've finished coding and testing it in our staging systems.

Published June 8, 2016
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