Major release!

Introducing release 1.6 (Coney Island)

This update includes new features, enhancements & bug fixes

  • [DEV] Introducing Gamer Dictionary
    Gamer dictionary marks the second major community project on the site past the writer. The Dictionary is designed to be open and flexible to allow registered users to add gamer acronyms, slang and terminology to be added to a searchable database. Catagories allow users to mark specific terms for specific games, to allow visitors to 'drill down' on which terminology is right for them if there are duplicate entries.
  • [DEV] app.dictionary, app.definitions and have been added to drive the dictionary's backend, AJAX features and API.
  • [DEV] dictionary support has been added to the articles system to display latest terms and promote cross-collaboration.
  • [DEV] Introducing Twitter feeds
    Users can now add their Twitter handles to display their twitter feed on their profile page.
  • [DEV] Introducing Instagram feeds
    Users can now add their Instagram handles to display a photo grid of their latest images on their profile page.


  • [DEV] A long-standing bug has been fixed with user profile avatars appearing in a new window rather than UI pop-up when clicked.
  • [DEV] A bowser bug has been resolved, fixing internal updates to third party scripts used on Kablam.
  • [UI] Writer documents now appear sorted by timestamp (decending) on the writer home page.
  • [UI] Numerous under-the-hood improvements have been made to the HTML rendering engine of Encore (Kablams underlying CMS), resolving minor viewing errors on unsupported browsers.
  • [DEV] Various enhancements have been made to the security & validation engine to support the dictionary.
  • [UI] The top 'banner' images have been made slightly smaller on various pages to make more text viewable on smaller screen resolutions. Parallax effects and other image rendering elements have not been altered.
  • [DEV] Additional error handling has been added into the alert and error management system to accomodate Dictionary and Twitter/Instagram integration.

Published August 25, 2016
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