Update 1.0.3 -

  • We are super charging the News application within Kablam. The new release optimizes the new engine by on average 50%, increasing page response times and requiring less overhead from the server when dealing with uncached content.
  • Another news app alteration. We've added more metadata to the backend so that minor news stories appear in their catagory areas but dont get published on the frontpage. A good example of this is this page!

Update 1.0.2 -

  • UI - We've updated some Javascript and CSS files handling the page rendering. We've also updated the JQuery and Bootstrap files on the web servers.

Update 1.0.1 -

  • Hyperlinks on comments and wall notes are now automatically detected and encoded to be clickable. In an effort to avoid black hat SEO spamming, links are automatically tagged with rel="nofollow" notifying search engines the links are not affiliated with Kablam. Links will automatically open in a new browser window or tab for the end user.
    Note - this change does not affect links within articles. Article links do not have the nofollow attribute attached.
  • We've fixed a bug that appears when trying to save a document thats ready for publish.
  • UI fix to the save writer dialog box.

Published November 10, 2015
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