Release 1.1.1

We've increased the block size for posting notes to your wall. Originally restricted to 255 characters, we've now expanded it to 1024 characters so users can be more descriptive with notes! Note - YouTube embeds HTML code is not counted in this code, past the initial URL.

Release 1.1 - (Prospect Park)

The first minor update to the Kablam site core. In this brings a new feature - Favorites.

  • You can now save articles for easy retrival / storage via the new Favorites area accessible at for all registered users. This area is accessible for all registered users irrelevant of gamerscore or account type.
  • Added 'Favorites' to the userbar in the top right hand corner of the site.
  • Added two new icons to the metadata area of news articles for Favorites - a white heart with a purple outline means the user has not favorited this article, hearts that are solid purple represent articles in the users favorites list.
  • Added Favorites module to the site core to make the aforementioned system work.
  • Added Audio object module to the site core. More information will be released on this update as part of a major update in early 2016.

Update 1.0.3 - 1.0.9

  • We've made some miscellaneous system optimizations and performance updates to the site core as we trawl through *lots* of log files.
  • Squashed *lots* of bugs that have been appearing in the log files.
  • Made a temporary logo adjustment to reflect support for France.

Published November 16, 2015
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