Kablam GUI and engine enhancements

Release 1.2.1

We are continuing with GUI enhancements on this release, improving site performance, astetics & bug fixes.

  • [DEV] Smart search
    As part of the GUI enhancements to the search, we've tuned and dramatically improved the search engine. Particularly fixing a number of bugs when the search engine is running under 'general' mode. Searches now better analyze and interrogate user submitted data within articles and now correctly retrieve data when previously (erroneously) reporting 0 results.
  • [GUI] Enhancements - Smart search
    The search engine is getting a UI overhaul to fix some UI bugs that the search engine has encountered since launch. Because the search application in itself is enourmous, the roll out will occur throughout the next week in phases based on search category (hashtags, users, articles.etc).
  • [GUI] Following
    Text notifications on if a user is following you or not are being migrated to under the 'follow' button, depreciating (and removing) the 'friendship' box on a users public profile.
  • [GUI] Menu options
    A new menu option 'tools & support' will be introduced to make space for a new help portal & move some of the options from 'About' (RSS, Gamerscore.etc).

The GUI alterations and code migration, continues to pave the way to releasing some new features in the pipeline for March/April.

Published February 7, 2016
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