Incremental updates & enhancements

Release 1.3.1

We've continued making minor fixes & changes this week to go public!

  • [DEV] [UI] Pages - We've enchanced pagnation within the site, introducing the functionality to the front page.
  • [DEV] Pages - Creation of app.pages to drive the aforementioned system.
  • [DEV] [Newsfeed] enhancements are being rolled out this week to follower news feeds.
  • [DEV] We've made minor enhancements to the notification system.
  • [DEV] The backend system to the news feed has been heavily optimized to now just running 2 queries for the entire page (down from *alot*),
  • [DEV] The backend system to the friends/ followers system has been heavily optimized to running just 1 query for the entire page (also down from *alot*),
  • [DEV] We've done some overhauling to the polling agent, the system responsible for user notifications and super charged the object caching system for this.
  • [DEV] We've squashed a bug affecting users trying to pair an XBox Live gamertag with a space in it.

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