Kablam GUI and engine enhancements

Release 1.2 - (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

We've carefully monitored the Kablam Ecosystem since launch and are making some major upgrades to the platform moving the system to version 1.2. Not all changes will be immediately visible to all users and will trickle over as different parts go live. Some enhancements mentioned here will only be available to registered, logged in users of Kablam.

  • [GUI] Profile enhancements
    Follow/unfollow button has been moved to under the users avatar/info and has been made smaller. This is to make way for future UI additions in the development pipeline and clean up the design of the site.
    - Tab enhancements within user settings area. Again this cleans up the look and improves site functionality.
  • [DEV] RSS Feeds
    RSS feeds are finally coming to Kablam! The Kablam RSS feed will be 2.0 compliant and will work with most screensavers, RSS software and will be available for fans to freely run on their own websites. A fair use policy will be used with the RSS feeds along with open-source code to assist webmasters in integrating Kablam (or any other)
      RSS feeds to their site.
  • [GUI] Favorite enhancements
    - We will be cleaning up the look & feel of the favorites system in line with other UI changes.
  • [DEV] Twitch streams
    - Again, long awaited. Users with Twitch accounts will be able to live-stream on Kablam via their Twitch feeds that will automatically appear as and when they stream (and
      hide when offline).
    We are redeploying this later in the month.

This is a major upgrade to the system so please bare with us as we make the aforementioned updates live!

Many thanks to Nikita for her continued expertise in CSS and elite UI talents!

- Kablam dev team.

Published February 1, 2016
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