Major release update!

Introducing release 1.5.0 (Bridge Plaza)

We've quietly worked under the hood to present some new features to the site!  -

Updates -

  • [DEV] Introducing Videos!
    We are now actively working with content creators to create video content for the site on a timely (weekly) basis. At the moment content is delivered through YouTube but this may change in the future. This is an active area of development, and will see new features coming out shortly!
  • [DEV] Alterations to - minor modifications to differentiate between news and video post content for structured data feeds back into the Google search engine.
  • [UI] Introducing a new skin - Noir!
    Noir is a dark, modern theme for the site aimed at users with sight issues, mobile devices or viewing on a console. To activate this skin please visit the /me/settings area of your profile - the skin will not activate based on browser detection.
  • [DEV] Introducing Twitter feeds!
    Users with Twitter accounts can now add the account to their profile, and have tweets display. Users can also specify to enable/disable @replies appearing on Kablam. Kablam note posts will continue to convert a tweet url into a rich 'object' to display individual tweets in full. The same goes for articles for example:
  • [DEV] Notifications 2.0
    The Notifications tool, complex as it is wasn't refreshing data correctly for certain users on top of a whole heap of other issues associated with it. We've decided to fix it once and for all, in a two part update. The first part is now live - which is now finally flushing our internal cache through for all users and updating based on if you've actually seen notifications via the notification pane. The second update will address a couple of outstanding bugs on the notification bar in the top right hand corner. Putting the issue to bed. Forever. (or till it breaks again). Please note that Notifications is only available for registered users on the site.
  • [DEV] Various third party libraries have been updated in the backend of the website.
  • [DEV] We've fixed a couple of minor issues concerning the 'estimated read time' system.
  • [DEV] Tweets from Twitter now embed within news feeds as well as user profiles (we previously disabled this feature whilst we tested a few bits and pieces under the hood).
  • [DEV] Messages out of BETA
    Messages has graduated out of BETA as its code base has matured and we've fixed a ton (literally) bugs and issues (seriously, we've trawled through thousands and thousands and thousands of error logs). With the code stable, we will be shortly hooking its unread message count feature to the /me navigation bars.
  • [DEV] Fixed a minor UI glitch in Messages where threads were sorting data by user rather than by date.
  • [DEV] News/Video/RSS apps
    We've run some more optimization work on the ways that the respective apps get, cache and render data to create web pages. In doing this, we've slashed an extra 30% off the SQL servers work loads. It's not super exiciting, but its good news if you're a DB admin.
  • [INF] Caching
    We've tweaked some of our caching algorithms to ensure that certain elements of a page typically stay cached, whereas others either come through in real-time or refresh after X minutes. Whilst it's complex, caching saves us lots of bandwidth each month and server resources (RAM, CPU and Iops... cant forget that sweet sweet I/O).

Published May 20, 2016
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