Major release update!

Introducing release 1.4.0 (Clinton Hill)

We've quietly worked under the hood to present some new features to the site!  -

Major updates -

  • [DEV] Introducing Messages!
    Messages is a new feature for all registered (and email verified) users to message users internally on Kablam. Messages runs on message threading (similar to gmail and Facebook) so you can maintain multiple conversations with various users simultaneously, conveniently condensed into their subject headers. Check it out today! The only restriction currently setup on Messages is that whoever you attempt to message must follow you. If you message someone who follows you, but you dont follow them - be aware they can reply within that message thread.
  • [DEV] Notifications
    Messages integration added to the notifications system. New message and reply to thread events will trigger a notification.
  • [DEV] Messages app
    app.messages created and installed into the site core.
  • [DEV] Messages links added to /me user area and user bar (when logged in).
  • [DEV] Introducing Videos
    Yup videos are coming to Kablam in this release. Weekly video posts will start appearing on this site from third parties. Whilst this section is (currently) not available for submission from users, if you want to start posting, quality videos regularly to the site, please get in contact with us via our Facebook, Twitter or @Kablam handles (try it on messages!).

Published April 25, 2016
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