Verified accounts, more structured data integration

  • [DEV] SEO - Article aggregation now includes rich media (meta data and images) for inclusion in Google search articles*
  • [DEV] Code updates have been issued to the article writer, to resolve some browser compatability issues,
  • [DEV] jQuery, Bootstrap and various other third party libraries have been updated.
  • [DEV] It is now possible to auto-embed Tweets into Kablam articles by copying a Tweet URL (via Twitter) into a news article and/or profile note. This is still experimental so this feature may become temporarily unavailable as development continues.
  • [DEV] app.twitter has been created and integrated into the system to trial tweet embedding within articles with selected users.
  • [DEV] Accounts can now be verified by Kablam in different catagories. This works similar to verified accounts on other social media sites to boost trust and prove official channels. Kablam can issue a verified account status in 5 seperate criteria:
    1) Official Kablam accounts (i.e, @kablam)
    2) Kablam staff accounts
    3) Official Game developer accounts
    4) Game developer staff
    5) Article contributors

Verified accounts will recieve the Kablam logo appear next to their name, with a tooltip listing their verification type when moving your mouse cursor over it. The logo will appear next to comments, their name in the author section of a news article and their name on their user profile. The logo won't appear next to notes on their profile wall, but will appear in notifications and profile feeds.

Guidelines and policies on verified account criteria will appear on the site in due course. Verified accounts are still protected by privacy tools and the encompassing privacy policy.

* = enhancements may not immediately be visible on Google results until the data is formally accepted by the crawl engine.

Published April 18, 2016
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