Mass discounts as new DLC drops!

Rockstar has released 'Rhino Hunt' a new adversary mode involving, well rhino tanks. Cue big explosions.

In this mode, 'hunters' are equipped with sticky bombs and lightly armoured, but quick dune buggies to take on a player in - you guessed it a Rhino tank.

This event is all about speed vs strength. A Rhino tank can take & deliver *alot* of punishment, but several sticky bombs and its all over in firey death. Fun times!

Rockstar are celebrating this new event with a week long promotion with discounts for military equipment and Merryweather services.

Items include:

  • 25% off all items on Warstock cache & carry,
  • 25% off Merryweather services,
  • 50% off all automatic rifle ammo,
  • 50% off certain weapon attachments (unfortunately this doesn't include fancy weapon decals :( ),
  • 50% off heist tatical gear,

So now is the perfect time to buy a Hydra, rhino tank or Insurgent if you don't already own one...

... Or drop $11K on a portable meth lab, shave your characters head and go full breaking bad. You'd like that wouldn't you? Heisenberg.

Image from 'Pinnkiepie'

The event runs from February 26 to March 3rd and runs in conjunction with lobby events and SecuroVIP - so there is plenty of opportunities to grind cash as well as run the event and plenty of time to save up to get your gear!

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Published February 26, 2016
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