Rockstars largest update to date

Note:I'm covering the CEO section of this update, and will cover vehicles on another post (its a big update with alot to talk about)

It's true, in terms of changing the game dynamic, no update has changed the online aspects of GTA in the way that IFAIFAF has (sorry I couldn't handle writing the update out again.... its sooooooo long).

So in this article, i'm going to touch on how the game slots into GTA and how it affects the SecuroServ previous dynamic.

OK so I guess the first thing to touch is that there are now three player types -

A standard player (non registered) - at this stage you either don't want to register or don't meet the requirements ($1M GTA in the bank and either registering as a VIP or having an office).
A VIP - A player thats registered as a VIP via the Securoserv menu.
A CEO - A player that has shelled out the cash to purchase an office.

It's important to note you can be a CEO without being a VIP, and a VIP without being a CEO as well as both (though that gets *busy* quick).

So whats different between a VIP and a CEO?

CEO's require an office and at least one warehouse to do their work. This comes with having to pay out at least $1.25M GTA so its aimed at high level players that have exhausted all the other game content.

VIP's just need $1M in the bank and don't really need anything else. The only limitation is without a yacht you can't do piracy prevention.

In both instances, bodyguards are only able to access vehicles for instant spawn that the VIP/CEO already owns through pegasus.

So whats new for a VIP?

Not much, you get more customizable outfits for you and your bodyguards (the 'pioneer' set is an ode to Steve Jobs, which is kinda cool), and you get three new Securoserv missions -

  • Headhunter - In this mission you have to race against the clock to do a series of assasinations for an unknown executive. The targets are usually spread all over the map and are either in a merrywood escort (expect alot of heavy hitting AI bodyguards, armored vehicles and so on) and increased difficulty to the previous VIP work. Now ordinarily you could fly a Buzzard over the area, target the victim and unleash some rockets - well yes, but they floor it when you first attack so you have to bring your A game, and the bullets hurt. Even in a helicopter. The missions hint at using stealth and coordinating attacks with bodyguards (though you can solo this), as when one person gets a want level - you all do. Fortunately if you die, the mission doesn't fail and you have plenty of time to complete so can plot your methods of death nicely (I used a combination of sticky bombs, the heavy sniper rifle and a buzzards rockets to dispatch my targets). The win amount depends on the amount of trouble other players give you but it evens out at around $25,000 GTA.
  • Airfreight - Your Organization must collect a Cargobob and use it to extract to a drop-off point.
  • Haulage - Your Organization must collect a large trailer and deliver it to a drop-off point.

So whats new for a CEO?

First of all, I hope you saved up your cash whilst the content went stale. This is expensive.

The new CEO dynamic revolves around actually taking your 'organization' to a whole new level. You setup and customize your office (similar to how you setup a super yacht), get a personal assistant (that sets up your missions) and finally hide contraband and stolen goods in the warehouses you purchase.

Assistant -

Choose a male or female executive assistant who basically greets you and brown noses you whenever you enter/leave the office. But if you actually speak to him/her, they can -

  • Provide unlimited snacks for free (which is a really nice touch),
  • Arrange for a pegasus vechicle you own to meet you on your office roof or ground (for $1,000 GTA),
  • Arrange for a vehicle you don't own to meet you (starts at about $5,000 GTA and features the new helicopter and some armored cars).

Assistants also appear as a contact in your phone when out and about (same as your yacht captain), so again can arrange for vehicles to come pick you up if your main vehicle gets destroyed or you get stranded (though its faster and free to spawn a vehicle via the VIP menu if you're registered as a VIP.

VIP services -

As a CEO, you no longer get the 4 hour time restriction nor do you get a 12 hour wait time till you re-register. When you login you get a prompt asking if you want to become a VIP again and you're off!.

You also now have to 'unlock' vehicles by owning an office and owning different sizes of warehouses (covered below).

Warehouses -


So the warehouse feature had alot of people both excited and wondering how exactly this game mechanic would work. Well i'm happy to report now on how this feature actually runs!

First off - players can own up to 5 warehouses. These are for storing contraband (electronics, jewelery, narcotics and even animal parts) but not vehicles. The warehouses are classed into three catagories -

Small - 16 crate storage capacity ($250,000 - $400,000 cost),
Medium - 41 crate storage capacity ($400,000 - $1,000,000 cost),
Large - 111 crate storage capacity ($1,000,000 - $3,500,000 cost),

Once crates are stored in your warehouse, you get updates on how much the 'warehouse' is worth, which you can setup sales for. small warehouses maxed out can make you $240,000, mediums can go for $700,000 and large warehouses go for a few million. So warehouses can easily start making money for you if you can put in the time to fill them.

Getting crates -

You setup creates through the computer in your office (looks like an iMac but follows the iFruit brand), where you can buy one, two or three lots of crates at a time -
1 crate - $2,000
2 crates - $8,000
3 crates - $18,000

I'm still experimenting to see if just buying 1 crate at a time has the same payoff as a 3 crate storage. I'm guessing its just a faster way to stock up.

Once you've setup the sale your assistant will then set the GPS co-ordinates for the crate(s), there are then a plethora of ways you actually get the create -

  • Straight pickup, you get it and drive off,
  • Police interference - You have to rescue the crate(s) from a police yard,
  • Merryweather interference - You have to kill some Merryweather choppers to get your loot,
  • Theif interference - You have to kill some AI characters with your crate(s),
  • Hacker interferece - You have to hunt for the crates from 'false positives',
  • Double cross - Police or gangs fight with you for the crate.

Pending how you have to get your crate(s), you may get police attention (typically 1 star), just drive around till you lose your want level then drop off at the warehouse.

Collecting Crates -

I typically always fly in with a helicopter, but the delivery method can vary between whatever you rock up with through to having to use the vehicles provided. These could be an armored truck, a van or collecting through air or water.

Other player attention -

Pending the number of crates you bought, there is a 'grace period' before Rockstar alerts other players you're running goods back to your warehouse. Players get incentivised by collecting the value of your crate (listed above) not the value you sell for. The grace time ranges from 30 seconds to less than 10 which ranges from the number you bought. So there is a big risk involved if you have high level players or competing CEO's in the same session. Luckily though the servers are overloaded at the time of writing so lobby disconnects are frequent resulting in single player sessions. In here you can happily stock and sell your warehouses without having to fight other players. Nice.

Selling your crates -

In the warehouse you get a computer that enables you to see what AI companies are offering for your goods. You can sell the whole lot or in chunks pending how many people are in your session and how many bodyguards you have. I've solo'd the sale of a full small warehouse myself, but the session was empty. Once your goods are destroyed by competing CEO's - the money is lost. So again, big risks involved with larger crate sales!

Delivering Your crates -

Once the deal is setup, the game will tell you the delivery method. This can be land sea or air, through armored vans, cubans or tug boats. Be aware that larger sales have multiple vehicles so more targets for other players. Again i've solod the flight delivery (via two Cubans), Even with the slow planes and long distances of delivery targets I was able to do this well within the 30 minute alloted time frame (I did it in 10), which includes the travel time and physically swapping planes. The delivery locations are identical for all drops. This includes if you have multiple bodyguards helping with the delivery. As soon as the last delivery is done, you get the amount (either full or partial if you lost a vehicle) to your person. Just renember to move it quickly to your bank account!

Offices -

Saving the best for last, the offices are the main part of this update allowing you to initiate your criminal deals in obtaining your illegal cargo.

The offices are available in four locations :

  • Maze Bank West: Starts at $1,000,000
  • Lombank West: Starts at $3,100,000
  • Arcadius Business Center: Starts at $2,250,000
  • Maze Bank Tower: Starts at $4,000,000 - The tallest building in Los Santos.

Customize options -

There are a number of customize options available to offices, all of which come at the same price irrelevant of location.

Gun locker

The gun locker appears behind your desk (hidden in the wall) and can be opened or closed by the CEO. the premis behind this is that you can use it to customize your weapon loadouts. It resets however during heists as far as im aware. Good job Rockstar. This extra feature costs $520,000 GTA

Money Safe

I'll be honest, I have no idea what, beyond cosmetic appeal the safe has. Appearing again behind your desk, and can be opened or closed by the CEO - it just has a ton of money neatly stacked inside. It's unclear if Rockstar have any future plans for this feature or not - it still costs $335,000 GTA

Executive assistant

Free! (oh wait it costs $300 a day - so doesn't break the bank), you can choose a male or female exec assistant who brown noses you when you walk into the office. also dispenses free snacks and provides some other services (that I mentioned above).


Similar to the Yacht, you can name your office - that appears backlit when you walk in behind your assistant (that doubles as a receptionist). The name is limited to 15 characters and can be presented with about 10 fonts that range from army style to modern (and some styalized hand writing), and can appear in a variety of colors from red to orange to blue and of course pink. As no VIP shows who's a real toughie with a pink sign.


OK this is where stuff gets expensive quick. Again same as the Yacht, there are a ton of customizable options here but you can also preview them in your office to see what they are like! The most expensive decor ranks in at an extra $1M GTA and ranges in the $300-$900's.

Office alterations -

As you progress your crate sales, your office changes. You notice more money/narcotics/art appearing and to be honest - starts to look messy. The update hasn't been out long enough to see if this dissapears over time or not. I prefer it to look clean (the clean freak in me), so hopefully it doesn't stay this way.

Published June 8, 2016
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