Celebrating the new DLC update

Rockstar have announced an event weekend for GTA Online featuring -

  • 25% off all garaged houses (bad news people who bought a stilt house in the yacht update),
  • Double GTA$ and RP in all adversary modes - you know... so they can get people playing the new content.
  • Double GTA$ in all new races (so you can try out your new cars. or just beat everyone with a turbo'd out Zentorno/T20),
  • 50% discount on paratropper gear. Buy up the new clothing!
  • Event playlist - so you can roll through all events with the Double XP/ GTA$.

Rockstar are also going to be doing a livestream via their official channel on Twitch and YouTube so keep your eyes peeled. Again all the major streamers playing GTA will be involved.


Published January 29, 2016
Filed under grand theft auto
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