Celebrating the new DLC update

Rockstar have announced an event weekend for GTA Online featuring -

  • 25% off all garaged houses (bad news people who bought a stilt house in the yacht update),
  • Double GTA$ and RP in all adversary modes - you know... so they can get people playing the new content.
  • Double GTA$ in all new races (so you can try out your new cars. or just beat everyone with a turbo'd out Zentorno/T20),
  • 50% discount on paratropper gear. Buy up the new clothing!
  • Event playlist - so you can roll through all events with the Double XP/ GTA$.

Rockstar are also going to be doing a livestream via their official channel on Twitch and YouTube so keep your eyes peeled. Again all the major streamers playing GTA will be involved.


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