GTA Valentines content returns with 'Be My Valentine'

This means all the exclusive content from 2014 is now back enabling next gen console owners and players joining the game after the event ended all those years ago can now finally own some of the most sought after, exclusive content - some not even accessible in story mode!

But not everyone is happy.

A few disgruntled 'classic' players are not happy with the return of some of the content, most notably the 'Albany Roosevelt' stating that it 'lowers their stature' and defeats the purpose of collecting exclusive content. Comments & thoughts can be seen trawling through the Rockstar Newswire. Not many people agree with their sentiments though.

So what content is included? TONS!

The DLC is primarily focused on vehicles and outfits (predominantly women - @holly will be pleased!), a new weapon and masks for costume enhancements or heists.


[Returning] The long awaited return of the Albany Roosevelt for $750,000 from the Legendary motorsport website,

[New] The Albany Valor - a remodeled, faster version of the Roosevelt is available for $982,000 from the Legendary motorsport website.

Note -

  • As the picture suggests, you can hang and shoot off these cars - much like the N.O.O.S.E vans when you've caused so much trouble the big boys come to the table.
  • The Roosevelt upgrade (turbo, armor) costs are on the low end pricing model, with upgrades costing $7,000 and $25,000 respectively.
  • The Valor upgrade costs are on the high end pricing model, with upgrades costing $25,000 and $50,000 respectively.


The Gusenburg sweeper is returned to the game and can be purchased for $14,308 from Ammunation (its in the top, middle of the right hand wall. You're welcome.). The Sweeper is classed as a light machine gun (so you can run with it), however it's fire power is more like an assault rifle. Unfortunately, reports coming in are that is accuracy is low, but it does look cool as hell styled as a 1930's-esque Tommy gun (in line with the original Valentines Day Massacre DLC).

With a damage rate of 34 per shot, and a capacity of 30 rounds (or 50 with extended magazine), it can (when on target) deliver a deadly payload, with a fire rate of 555 BPM and a reload rate of just 2.40 seconds.

Adversary modes

Till Death Do Us Part (available from 14/2/2016)

Nothing screams valentines day more than taking your bae's hand and going on a killing spree with him/her against other couples.

Quell your love for blood before quelling your love for... each other, or go out in a blaze of glory Bonnie & Clyde style. young love.


Published February 11, 2016
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Comments (1)

  • @Holly
    On February 11, 2016 @Holly wrote ...
    Love it, love the new clothes options and the cars are soooooo cool!

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