Heads will be scratching at Microsoft

- Whilst this isn't gaming related, it was too awesome not to write about.

It took the internet less than 24 hours to turn a social experiment where an AI attempted to imitate an 18-24 year old girl into an all out, hallocaust denying, Trump supporting racist. Fun times.

TayandYou - The Twitter account for the bot (and her website www.tay.ai) has gone to sleep for a 'while' (presumably whilst engineers and PR execs alike try and put out the flaming dumpster fire her little Tweet fest has caused), and left a few commentators scratching their heads as to what exactly happened. My guess is that Microsoft just didn't anticipate what people are really like online. Someone even sent a dick pic to her (not even joking).

I just wish I was a fly on the wall of the offices at Microsoft during the fallout:

And the face of Tim Cook (Apple's CEO) after someone burst into his office to tell him Microsoft's tech was self destructing.

So here is a dump of some of the more insane stuff Microsoft had to delete and clean up (NSFW):

And the last tweet before signing off...

Tweets are now coming out since the demise of Tay including #freetay and #justice4tay

I however recommend #PrayForDevs as im sure there are going to be some senior people screaming at their underestimation of the internet and a whole ton of (unpaid?) extra hours.

(Not suggesting the devs are all female, I just thought this pic probably sums up their feelings right now. Crying and wine.

Published March 25, 2016
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