So Microsoft have tweaked the XB1

Announced earlier at #E3, and due for release in August 2016 (USA), just what have Microsoft changed with the XBox One S?

  • It's 40% thinner
    No real suprise here, most consoles will space save throughout their lives
    as components get smaller, and engineers rework console cooling,
  • It supports 4K HD
    (note for 'Netflix and Amazon' - Microsoft PR stops short of supporting
    4K games).
  • It's now got a 2TB Hard drive (thank god).
  • It uses an internal power supply (also thank god).
  • It's got a forward facing USB port
    (The side USB port was always a huge dissapointment IMHO, dropping
    the two front facing USB's from the 360 was a big mistake).
  • It's got HDR
    (High Dynamic Range - makes the colors look more 'pretty').
  • It's got an 'IR Blaster'
    (use your TV's remote with it).
  • The Controller now pairs through WiFi and Bluetooth
    (extended range).
  • It's white.

So in short, its great if you're finally upgrading from the 360, want to switch from PS4 to XB1 or are getting  but I doubt many console gamers will upgrade to it from their main XBox's. Especially with Scorpio around the corner (that we'll touch on in a later article).

Published June 15, 2016
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