Steam VR is here!

As of today, users of Valve Corporation's Steam (as if you didn't know what it was), can purchase the HTC Vive a virtual reality website developed by both HTC and Valve.

With a resolution of 2160x1200 (1080x1200 per eye), (thats HD for each of your eyes for us mere mortals), the system uses OLED for its screen (thats organic LED's for those not in the know... you know...) and runs through a standard HDMI and USB ports to your computer. The other nice thing is it works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, so you can game irrelevant of whatever OS you run.

The technology is pretty awesome but it does have drawbacks. For one as far as I can tell the game has to be developed with VR in mind for it to work correctly (I could be wrong, if I am let me know in the comments)... and you do look like a giant tool when playing on it, but its a small price to pay for a new immersive experience for gaming.

Does it cause headaches?

No idea. I do hope not though (If you're like me, 3D glasses at the movies give me headaches so i'm guessing it will.

Does it cause motion sickness?

No idea, if you're rich enough to own a headset, please let me know!

Will I look like a Ninja when playing it?

Probably not.

Expectation: Reality:

Oh god... people in 30 years will laugh at us cave dwellers.

Should I stream on Twitch whilst using this?

Dear God No.

Published April 5, 2016
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