Black Ops 3 is finally here

So enjoy the first of many, many commercials from Activision in the run up to the Christmas season YouTube video is below the text (apologies to anyone outside the U.S if this is blocked, we havent checked that yet).

Directed by Wayne McClammy, the commercial is full of so much explosions, trick shots, robots and chaos - I can only assume it brings a tear to Michael Bays eye. We follow 'Dave' your typical unathletic late 20's early 30's (best guess?) gamer tear up other players, NPC enemies and vehicles with his rampage narrated by Michael B. Jordan (Friday Night Lights). It's got pretty much everything you can expect from the real game apart from trash talking players in the lobby and screaming kids. Oh and campers. God I hate campers.

The commercial also goes on to show Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks) attempt to go into beast mode only to get demasculated by Dave who's now running across a wall. Yep they went there.

So Dave is seemingly unstoppable? Wrong, enter Cara Delevigne (Model, Actress and VO on GTA V), the gamer girls gamer girl (is that a thing?!) who puts Dave in his place, ending his kill streak. Good.

The commercial ends with the words 'No matter who you are, there’s a soldier in all of us' slightly sexist (as Cara is still on screen), slightly patronizing but all in all, still a fun commercial.

End point - I didn't fast forward through it when watching a DVR of How To Get Away With Murder (which is a great show by the way).


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