A strange, spooky sensation

has arrived in Tamriel during this autumnal season and our Heroes are being summoned to answer the call of the Witchmother.

The Witchmother's Bargain

Upon entering the Crown Store, there is an item called The Crow Caller, which is free to purchase. Once you have the item, you use it to summon the Witchmother, Olyve, who needs help gathering certain items. After the items have been collected, she will present you with the gift of the Witchmother's Whitsle.

Now, unfortunately, due to my eagerness to reap the rewards of this holiday event, I forgot to actually record the short questline itself, but fear not! I have a short video which shows how the whistle works and you can watch as my character polymorphs into a spectacular, scary skeleton with the Witchmother's Brew!


Plunder Skulls

During this event, you will be able to collect rewards in the form of Plunder Skulls, but only whilst wearing the Polymorph skin activated from the Witchmother's Brew, so if you look like a robed skeleton, then you are in the right direction. Plunder Skulls are found in the consumable part of your inventory and open up like a daily writ. Items available during this event are the Witches Festival specific drink and food recipes, the Hollowjack Motif, style crafting ingredient Amber Marble and random things like guts and spider eggs. There are also 2 gold runebox masks, the Scarecrow Spectre mask and Pumpkin mask, but I have yet to gather these marvels. Hopefully, I can come back by the end of the event with an update!

In the video below, I venture into the Watcher's Hold, a Delve in Wrothgar to kill Sir Marq Tailas, with the Witchmother's Brew active, to obtain the Plunder Skull and the vauable contents inside!

These Plunder Skulls can only be gathered by killing bosses such as ones from Delves (like Watcher's Hold in Wrothgar), Public Dungeons (like Crow's Woods in Stonefalls) and World Bosses (like Zandaadunoz the Reborn in Wrothgar), so gather your guild mates and start adventuring!

Hollowjack Motif

For those of us who enjoy the crafting aspect of TESO, the Hollowjack Motif is a welcome addition to the collection.  As mentioned, they are mainly found in the Plunder Skulls whilst the Witchmother's Brew is active. You may be able to access them as excess items from Guild Banks or as a sale item in a Guild Store, but it is much more fun to go running round Tamriel, fighting bosses for the Plunder Skulls.

I love the glow of the colours and how awesome Eats-Many-Cakes looks! One to keep wearing after the event indeed!

Extra Info

There are some great items to collect and in game achievements to gather, but one of the better things about this event is whilst having the Witchmother's Brew in motion, it gives you 100% extra experience. This Witches Festival is a great time to level up new characters, or finally get that one character to top level. Imagine running round Tamriel with the following items, you will have plenty of level on your character in no time:

  • Witchmother's Brew - 100% xp gain over 2 hours 
    Ring of Mara - 10% xp gain whilst wearing the ring and adventuring with the partner you paired up with
    *Psijic Ambrosia - 50% xp gain over 30 minutes
    *Crown Experience Scrolls- 50% xp gain over 2 hours
    ESO Plus Subscription - 10% constant xp gain whilst a subscriber
    Training Gear - Weapons crafted with Carnelion trait gem and Armour crafted with an Emerald trait gem. Can increase a little more when items are improved.

*With these consumable items, you can only have either the Psijic Ambrosia or the Crown Experience Scrolls on at any one time, not both.

Once the Witches Festival ends on November 1st, the Witchmother's Brew will no longer contain its supernatural powers, but you can keep the Witchmother's Whistle as a memento of this holiday event.

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Published October 26, 2016
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