Fancy Winning A Holiday?

Betheseda are giving The Elder Scrolls Online fans a chance to win 1 of 5 holiday packages, based on some of the beautiful and wonderful locations throughout Tamriel. I feel they have chosen 5 great in game based locations, which are similar to the destinations you can actually win.

Starting with Blackmarsh, they have matched it up with visiting the Amazon and Machu Picchu. I can see Eats-Many-Cakes already beating all the holiday makers into the different locations by swimming her way through the Amazon River.
Next is Skyrim, where you can go and visit the snow capped Swiss Alps. I imagine a lot of fur is needed to keep warm in Skyrim, just be careful who you buy from in the Tamriel world, you never know when a Khajiit might confess to his sins. Better keep Eats-Many-Cakes away from Orcs.
Experience Hammerfell through the mysteries of Morocco, and get to a ride a Camel as part of this package. I like the Camels to ride on in ESO, it does look a little strange though with my Argonian's tail bouncing alongside the Camel's own tail too.
Enjoy the adventures of the Summerset Isles as you go all the way down under to New Zealand, where you can go sea kayaking, hiking and whitewater rafting. That sounds like a lot of physical exercise to me, my mind is already tired from reading that sentence.
As part of the Elsweyr package, you can take an African Safari where you can discover the real life inspirations for the Khajiit race. I have yet to create a Khajiit character in any Elder Scrolls games, maybe I am missing out! 

Click here for more details, terms and conditions and how to enter.

There is also a chance for 1,000 people to win 1,000 Crowns to spend in the Crown Store as second place.

Better hurry, the entry for this amazing opportunity closes Thursday December 16th 2016 and good luck if you do go for it!

Published December 15, 2016
Filed under elder scrolls
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