Have you been tempted by the Crown Crates?

I have! The Crown Crates have been in the Crown Store for a couple of months now and after saving up some crowns, I have decided to check them out and see if they are worth it. I chose the 15x Crown Crates option at a cost of 5,000 crowns and you can see the results of the grand opening in the video below!

It was so good to finally see Pacrooti! For those of you who like to follow the adventures of your hirelings from the daily writs, Pacrooti is one of the woodworker hirelings and his letters are fun to read. Dedicated to the Whispering Fang martial art, his dislike for water and fighting several Spriggans for your components, how could you not want to know what happens to him when your contract ends? 

Some notes on the Crown Crates

  • Based on a quarterly cycle, where the first (current) season is themed with the Storm Atronach unique items
  • Each Crown Crate opened will award a minimum of four prizes, as there is a chance to gain a fifth! 
  • New and exclusive mounts, pets and cosmetic items, as well as some from past limited time offers can be obtained
  • If you are awarded a duplicate of an already owned mount, pet, costume or personality, you will have these converted to Crown Gems, to spend on the unique Storm Atronach Crown Crate items
  • You can convert certain items, such as the potions, poisons and a few other utility related ones into Crown Gems for use to spend on the unique Storm Atronach Crown Crate items.

Final Thoughts

As I had not purchased any limited time offers previously and did not fancy spending loads on individual mounts in the Crown Store, this was a good option me. When I chose to go for the Crown Crates, it was between them and The Great Elk Mount, which was priced at 4,500 Crowns and only available during the New Life Festival Event. Since opening the Crown Crates and getting all the goodies that I did, I decided not to purchase The Great Elk Mount. I do not feel I have missed out though, as I now have so many mounts to choose from and I also got to spend some of my Crown Gems which I managed to collect from duplicated items in the Crown Crates and convert some of my unwanted items, to get the Golden Eye Guar Mount. Extra bonuses! Though one can never have too many Guar mounts and I do feel the need for speed... in the form of a Storm Atronach Guar Mount!

Can I get Pacrooti a Senche-Tiger? I feel like he deserves one, maybe two. I would love to see him riding round Tamriel with a pack of them actually. Think he would give me my Storm Atronach Guar Mount in exchange?

Show off your prizes in the comments below, or tweet us @Gokablam

Published January 9, 2017
Filed under elder scrolls
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