Mountain Flowers are red

Corn Flowers are blue,
May my love sing like a Ninroot,
Forever blossoming for you.

It is Heart's Day here in Tamriel and to celebrate, The Crown Store has some special offers which are only available till 10am EST on the 17th February, as shown below.

Picture is courtesy of @seejaythinks from the Kablam team.

For some fun, myself and @seejaythinks decided to do what any normal gaming couple would do... Pledge ourselves to Mara! Doesn't my Argonian look absolutely radiant in her Wedding Dress? @seejaythinks went Ninja style in his set of armour for his Dark Elf, typical.

Once the Pledge of Mara has been purchased form the Crown store, it will appear as a consumable item under Consumables in your Inventory.  Activate it like a normal potion and then gaze into the eyes of your in-game beloved. You only need one pledge per couple and a Shrine of Mara. In this video, we went to Mournhold, which is located in Deshaan of the Ebonheart Pact. Once the ceremony is done, you both receive a Ring of Mara a bound item.

Seeing as @seejaythinks decided not to dress up, here is a picture of my Argonian looking rather dashing in the Wedding Suit.

I think this is a fun part to The Elder Scrolls Online content. You do gain the benefits of a 10% xp increase when both players then equip their Rings of Mara and are grouped together. This may be more suitable to those just starting out in the big, bad and very wide world of Tamriel, or in my case, just because I can!

Now I am off to eat some chocolate I brought myself, whilst adventuring around with my Argonian, as I do not need a Dark Elf in Ninja looking armour to come save me in my Tamriel adventures! :D

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